Chicago's Premiere Electrical Professionals

For over 30 years, Chicago Electric has been a premiere electrical contractor in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We have provided our customers a broad range of services, from emergency service to full scale electrical projects. Our exceptional service, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing are why Chicago Electric is the right choice for all your electrical needs. We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company that recognizes the importance of a job done right at an affordable price. Call us today and see why our customers have chosen us for over 30 years.

Here some of the services our Chicago electricians provide:

  1. Electrical Upgrade/Remodeling- Are you looking to replace existing light switches and outlets in your home? Maybe you're interested in an affordable professional that can handle all the electrical work needed to rebuild your kitchen or basement? No matter the size or scale of your project, Chicago Electric can help you with just about any new endeavor.
  2. Helping you go green- Want save some cash? More importantly, do you want to help in making the environment cleaner? Call Chicago Electric today and we can help by introducing some cost saving ideas when it comes to going green!
  3. Emergency Service / Service Calls- Are you in the middle of a crisis that is keeping you under electrical wraps? Do you need someone to save the day right now? Call or fill out the form on this page and we can be there for you in a jiffy. We also do same day service calls for those not so critical problems that still need a professionals touch.
  4. Commercial / Industrial Service- We have years of experience with small to medium sized businesses. From maintenance contracts, full scale design and build solutions, to everyday service support; Chicago Electric can provide you and your business all the support you need to keep you focused on your most important goal, your customers.
  5. Smart home lighting design and installation- Smart home design, if implemented properly, can create a sense of security, make the inside and outside of your home look beautiful, and save you money. Our professional team will work with you in designing the exact look and feel that you have in mind. There are many options including but not limited to; scheduled light start and stop times, remote control, multiple room control, etc.
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