Car Charging Stations

So you bought an electric car?  Do you have the proper home connections to plug your new car in for power?  The Chicago Electric team has the ability to properly setup and configure the necessary outlets or car charging stations needed to support that nice new vehicle.

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As a well-established electrical supply giant, Leviton has quite a large base of nationwide service technicians to draw from. Perhaps that’s why they’ve decided to include an industry-first 10 year warranty on their new lineup of “Evr-green” home and commercial charging stations?

The Evr-green stations support both Level I and Level II charging, and will work with Coulomb Technologies’ already existing ChargePoint Network of charging stations. Leviton has also developed a standard method of installation that they are calling an “industry-first plug-in prewire system” for their Level II chargers that enables consumers to make their homes “plug-in ready” prior to purchasing any electric car. The prewire systems start at under $200 not including installation, and are meant to reduce installation times, lower installation costs and provide flexibility for any future upgrades.

It’s not a complete do-it-yourself endeavor because the the prewire kits have to be installed by a Leviton certified installer, but after the system is installed, Leviton says their Level II charging station can be added by the consumer “without any tools.”.

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