Power outage can cause you and your family and business lots of grief. ¬†They are inevitable events that can happen at any point, rain or shine. A generator can simply power all, if not different sections of your home or business and you can rest assured that your necessity for power is no longer a function on the local power company’s response and restore time.

Here are a few examples of what Chicago Electric was able to do for some of our residential and business customers:

Residential Customers

During a recent power outage due to severe weather that inevitably lasted several days, a generator saved one of our customer’s thousands of dollars of potential basement flooding. Because the backup battery on a sump pump typically last up to 12 hours, the electrical generator continued power into the home and kept the basement high and dry.

Last winter, during a 5 degree day and extremely windy day, a customers power had gone out. With 3 kids, one of which was a newborn, the generator Chicago Electric installed for them allowed for the heating in their home to function and allowed this family to be safe from the bitter cold.

Business Customers

One of our customers is heavily dependant on their phones and internet being available at all times. Their customers contact them in this manner and it is the liveblood of their company. Over the past years they have sustained minor power fluctuations and a couple of full power outages that lasted over an hour. The generator and UPS’s(Uninterruptible Power Supply) Chicago Electric installed for this customer allowed the business to continue without a hitch and have zero affect on their customer’s experience..

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